TWINETRAX is an electronic music label based in Tokyo, Japan since 1999.
We release electronic music from Japan and Europe.
Genres include: Techno / Acid Techno / Trance / Hard Techno / Industrial Hard Core Techno and Ambient. TWINETRAX is owned by DR66 a.k.a. muryokumudo (effortless dream motion). A multi-instrumentalist since 1976, DR66 started arranging techno compositions with multitrack tape and Cakewalk 1.0 on a 80286 in 1987, first participating in releasing a 3 track techno vinyl 12" EVENT, New York, 1990. DR66 founded TWINETRAX in 1999. TWINETRAX first release was the 2005 compilation CD, AUTUMN JADE, representing 10 artists prominent in the Tokyo electronic music scene.
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